Important Information

Spring Recital, "WORLD of DANCE"  - May 5th & 6th 2018

Parents information handout

Recital Dates : May 5th & 6th, 2018

Please show up 30 minutes prior to show start in first costume and make-up.

Dress rehearsal : Friday, May 4th  – 4:30 – finish. We will run the show without costumes in regular dance class attire, run finale, and then run the ENTIRE show in costumes as if we were performing. All younger kids will be able to leave right after they run their number in costume. This time is usually before 8 pm, but this is not a guarantee. Your patience is required during this process. All grade school age children MUST have an adult present at dress rehearsal. Please bring all dance shoes and costumes. Please label all of these items. Hair must be up, but stage make-up is not required. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR GOOD TIGHTS!

Dress Rehearsal Dinner: Our AAU gymnastics team will provide dinner items during dress rehearsal such as hot dogs, fruit, veggies, and snacks so you do not have to pack lunches or be inconvenienced. It is also a fundraiser for our gym team so we would love if you would dine with us. We try to have a nice healthy selection.

Stage Make-up & hair : All hair should be pulled off of face and neck securely. Nobody should have their hair down unless it is too short to pull up or this is the style your class has decided upon. Buns are preferred for all ballet dancers. All dancers are encouraged to wear stage make-up to consist of eyeliner, shadow, blush, and lipstick. Not too heavy, but enough to distinguish facial features.

Recital DVD’s :   A professional DVD of the performance can be ordered for $30. Forms are included with this information. Please do not video tape during the performance. It is rude to guests around you and is our policy so please don’t think you are the exception. You may video tape at dress rehearsal. No flash photography during recital or dress rehearsals while we are setting lights.

Recital Pictures : Dan Hardy Photography will be taking pictures on Thursday, April 18th & Friday, 19th. Your picture schedule is included. You may pick your recital pictures up at dress rehearsal.

Tickets : Tickets are $9 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets will be $1 more at the door. You can buy tickets starting April 21st at the studio in between classes.  Tickets are date specific and all children sitting in a seat MUST have a ticket.

Backstage Help : All younger kids classes will need backstage help. We greatly appreciate any help that is offered. We have a sign up sheet and we really need to fill the slots that are available. We do not need more then the number listed per class. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We are going to have a great show!   Thank you for all of your help!